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The CreatorsLaunch.com Vision

CreatorsLaunch.com is a Professional Fundraising Website.

Our vision is to provide Content Creators with a platform to launch their ideas, or raise the money needed to create those ideas and place them in the marketplace. We want to help you show your family, friends, and investors that you did it! You made it happen! We believe in you!

Talent Room Entertainment, Publishing & Technology Inc. (TREPT)

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MQ Communications Technologies, Inc.

MQ is the developer of the CreatorsLaunch Brand. Our Team of Experts will assist you with building your brand. MQ is celebrating its 34th year in the business helping hundreds of Independent Content Creators, companies, and talent to launch their projects. 

We are experts and our goals are to help you Get Connected, raise money to launch your project and position your project for global distribution. We are still helping our older clients to build successful brands in today’s new digital and technology market. 

We created the CreatorsLaunch.com Crowdfunding Platform because there are 1000s of creators and talent who need support with funding, product development, distribution, marketing, and promotion.

Marianne S. Eggleston, President, and CEO

The entertainment business remains one of the most exciting businesses in the world and there are millions of people with talent! These potential “superstars” want to get recognized by their fanbase, peers, family, and friends! 

So many people are looking to be discovered and to turn their dreams into reality! 

The MQ Team has real entertainment business experience in making and breaking “Super Stars”. We have worked with major labels, global radio stations (digital, traditional, and Internet), social media, and advertising agencies. We are sales, marketing, promotions, and public relations experts as well as Content Creators. We’ve worked with some of the Biggest Names in show business, music, film, and television.  We’ve done it all!

Glenn Jones, Grammy Nominated Producer, Artist,  Songwriter, and Actor!

MQ and CreatorsLaunch.com have joined and partnered with Talent Room Entertainment  (TREPT). TREPT will assist Content Creators with global distribution, sales, marketing,  and promotions of their projects.

Glenn Jones, Chief Creative Officer (COO) of Talent Room which was founded in 2018. Glenn is a Grammy Nominated Recording Producer, Artist, Balladeer, and Actor.  He is a successful “Superstar” recording artist and songwriter having over seventy-five songs and BillBorad Hits released as an artist during his career. Today, he continues to release new projects and collaborate with other songwriters, artists, and producers. Glenn says, “The reason I started the Talent Room is to help launch the careers of the “next new hit talent” to the global marketplace. That’s why Talent Room has partnered with MQ and CreatorsLaunch.com. The goal is to find the most talented Content Creators and assist them in launching, branding, and marketing their projects. 

Prince Levy is Vice President of TREPT, and he is a successful business executive and serial entrepreneur from Jacksonville, FL. Prince has spent over 25 years in the entertainment business, which includes 

being a member of the Grammy Recording Academy-Atlanta Chapter. His attention to detail, innovative ideas, and a keen eye for talent have been major components to his success. 

TREPT is an independent entertainment network with SONY Music’s major distribution. It is a publishing, media, and technology company based in the heart of Orlando, Florida. TREPT is also home to major talent as well as new rising talented artists, filmmakers, writers (screenplays, songs, authors), musicians, vocalists,  music and film producers and directors, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, and fashion designers.

Both MQ and TREPT are privately owned innovative and comprehensive entertainment and technology-driven distribution networks.

We offer Content Creators a way to integrate new the technology of a Crowdfunding Platform into your product and funding launch.

CreatorsLaunch.com is the perfect way to raise capital to launch and distribute your projects in today’s marketplace. The use of technology to gain financial leverage is crucial to success.  MQ and TRE are making “YOUR PROJECTS” linear with vertical capabilities of success that are virtually limitless. 

Trusted by the biggest companies in the world.